DEITG Employee MIS

Increase efficiency with DEITG Employee MIS: a Management Information System that will streamline business processes around employees in the workplace. Our system is designed to be flexible in organisations of any size, operating in any industry and aligning with business priorities.

Time Tracking Software Features

  • Time Tracking – Manage employee Time and Attendance, Shift Scheduling and Annual Leave compliance.
  • Visibility – Gain visibility on staff movements company-wide with detailed reports and analytics such as Daily/Weekly/Monthly Clock In & Out Times and Vacation Analysis.
  • Simple Touch-Screen functionality – Employees can use touch-screen interface to clock in/out.
  • Communicate – Employees can request time-off, check time-off requests, and review remaining holidays and sick day entitlements all from one location.
  • Eliminate Human Error and Duplication of work – Real time recording, automated monitoring and reporting for managers and administrative staff to reduce overheads.
  • Bespoke Features – DEITG can customise and add modules to match any business requirements ensuring scalability and reliability for future expansions of the system.
  • Integration – Built in the open-source PHP 5 framework application with Data storage provided by a MySQL 5 database, DEITG can facilitate integration with existing applications already in most businesses.

In the Cloud or On-Premise

Cloud – For single terminal customers, our Time Tracking System provides a web-hosted option. This means no installation or configuration of existing network equipment. All that is required is some wall space, a power point, and a network connection to the Internet for the touch-screen interface.

On Premise – For Security conscious enterprises, local installation is optimal. The Time Tracking Software can be installed on any Windows Server/Client operating system.

For an initial consultation that will determine how our Employee MIS can be deployed to match your unique company workflow, please call DEITG HQ on 021 242 9417 or email or simply fill out our request a call back feedback form.