With the introduction of the Fujitsu Tablet STYLISTIC R726, its new top-of-the-range 2 in 1 STYLISTIC tablet designed for the business user, Fujitsu today settles the argument about whether enterprise users are more productive with a traditional notebook or a tablet – by delivering a device that does both, superbly. Setting a new pinnacle for the extensive range of Fujitsu Tablet STYLISTIC models, the STYLISTIC R726 empowers users to transform the way they work to meet their individual style and needs – with and without a keyboard, in a powerful yet compact touch device.

With a stunning 31.8cm (12.5-inch) touch screen, the STYLISTIC R726 is among the latest generation of powerful tablets that is able to provide enough on-screen real estate for users to focus on content creation. The keyboard less option is perfect for content consumption as well as working in less-than-ideal conditions – for example, an airplane seat where there may not be room enough to fully open a clamshell notebook.

Battery life, once the pain of all mobile users in the enterprise, is now less of an issue, with the STYLISTIC R726 packing enough power to run all day on a single charge, even with the display constantly in use, for up to 12 hours, as tested under BAPCo® MobileMark® Benchmark – a true reflection of battery life. This battery runtime is long enough to see the user through marathon work sessions on even long-haul flights. Working outdoors is also not a problem thanks to the bright anti-glare display.

The new STYLISTIC is uniquely able to adapt to new ways of working – for example moving seamlessly from providing a desktop PC experience via a convenient desktop cradle to being undocked and used as a tablet, without the user needing to interrupt their work – and with the choice of touch or pen-based input. It’s a one-handed move to connect a slim Magnetic Keyboard, and then unfold the built-in Tablet Stand to transform the STYLISTIC R726 into a versatile notebook in just seconds.

The STYLISTIC R726 is designed with the Enterprise in mind, with serviceability and upgradeability available on site, therefore removing the need to send the device off site, and with it the risk of loss of data.

Jörg Hartmann, Vice President Client Computing Devices Business, says: “The argument has raged for years about whether or not tablets are really up to the task of replacing a traditional clamshell notebook. Until now there have been compromises on both sides. In developing the new STYLISTIC R726, we focused on giving people the operational frameworks and innovative IT solutions they need to work more flexibly, and to adapt to their own unique needs. The result is a beautifully engineered device that’s a pleasure to use in all circumstances. Fujitsu has now delivered the definitive product to end the ‘tablet or clamshell’ debate for good.”

Designed in Japan and made in Germany, the STYLISTIC R726 features processors from the 6th generation Intel Core i7 family, and packs a punch when it comes to performance – while a durable magnesium-aluminum housing protects against the wear and tear that a tablet must endure every day. Enterprise-grade features are also a must, with the STYLISTIC offering built-in 4G/LTE connectivity, plus security features including encrypted drives, TPM and NFC-based contactless SmartCard authentication.

By standardising on the use of Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, Fujitsu is also ensuring that organisations enjoy easy deployment and device management via existing tools based on Microsoft Windows 10, meaning faster and automated processing of administrator work tasks and a solid foundation for fully digitalised processes.