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With the explosion of mobile devices, Wireless Networks have become a necessity for businesses small to large. Businesses, hotels and organisations are facing many challenges around security, capacity and cost when choosing a Wireless Network Solution. As a ZyXEL Partner, DEITG works with clients to help Plan, Develop and Implement a Flexible, Secure Wireless Network Solution reducing the total cost of ownership.

The ZyXEL’s Wireless LAN Controller (NXC5200) is designed to provide quality Wi-Fi to a large and growing amount of mobile devices, make large WLAN deployments easily manageable, and solve the security issues that come with the trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This controller works with ZyXEL Unified, Unified Pro and Managed Series Access Points to form a high-performance and versatile controller-based WLAN solution that provides centralised management of up to 240 APs. Featuring advanced RF management functions, flexible tunnel and distributed traffic forwarding modes, and robust security for the wireless edge, the NXC5200 is truly the ultimate WLAN management and security solution for large and distributed deployments in enterprises, campuses and hotel chains.

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Manage up to 240 APs with Ease

The ZyXEL’s Wireless LAN Controller is designed to work with ZyXEL Unified, Unified Pro and Managed Series Access Points to form a robust controller-based WLAN solution. This solution offers the convenience of centralised management of up to 240 APs, as well as auto AP provisioning over both LAN and WAN connections.

After being installed and powered on, the APs automatically look for the NXC5200 and establish secured connections. Utilising the CAPWAP protocol, connections can be established between the controller and APs without needing to change the existing LAN infrastructure, which enables users to expand WLAN deployments with ease. Licenses are also available to increase the number of manageable APs to as many as 240, allowing enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, educational institutions, or hotels to scale up as Wi-Fi demand grows without needing to upgrade equipment.

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High-quality Wi-Fi Experience

The ZyXEL Controllers are equipped with a range of advanced RF (Radio Frequency) management functions that can help administrators provide optimised Wi-Fi quality and performance with little effort. Its auto channel selection function can provide continuous and automated RF optimisation, which relieves administrators from the need to worry about channel settings and optimisation diagnostics after deployment. AP load-balancing parameters can also be set to distribute traffic and the number of served clients among multiple APs so as to provide better Wi-Fi quality for every user. The NXC5200 provides diagnostic functionality, IT administrators can detect and contain rogue APs, capture wireless packets to diagnose WLAN problems, and provide troubleshooting services from remote locations.

Secured Wireless Edge Blocks Threats from Mobile Devices

The ZyXEL’s Wireless LAN Controller and Managed APs can help enterprises and businesses address the wireless security issues that arise with BYOD. They can guard company networks and resources against incoming threats from mobile Internet devices with industry-standard WPA/WPA2-Enterprise authentication and a variety of Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) frameworks. The built-in firewall of the NXC5200 can perform Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) of data streams to reject illegitimate packets coming from mobile Internet devices. With optional antivirus and Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) licenses, the NXC5200 can provide the most robust protection for the wireless network edge.

Flexible traffic forwarding with tunnel and distributed modes

The ZyXEL’s controllers feature both tunnel and distributed traffic forwarding modes, providing IT administrators the flexibility to tunnel wireless traffic between controller and AP, or bridge traffic among multiple APs locally.

  • Local bridge mode: When there is no need to direct wireless traffic to the controller, IT administrators can distribute wireless traffic among multiple APs locally to provide higher WLAN efficiency and low latency.
  • Tunnel mode: The NXC5200 supports tunnel mode with Unified Pro and Managed Series APs, which allows IT administrators to easily scale up the wireless network, or extend it to remote locations, without needing to change the existing network infrastructure. The NXC5200 also provides superior wireless security in tunnel mode. All traffic tunneled to the controller can be scanned and decontaminated with anti-virus and IDP engines (licenses available).

Easy guest network management

The ZyXEL Controllers are the ideal solution for hotels, enterprises or other organizations that need to provide Internet services to large amounts of guests. The built-in account generator can also dynamically create user accounts for guests to easily access the Internet via the built-in or external Web authentication portal.

Effective access management for the BYOD trend

The ZyXEL controller can help businesses, enterprises and educational organisations meet the challenges of BYOD. As more and more people bring their own devices to work, the workplace has gradually changed from one person, one device to one person, multiple devices. The NXC5200 provides MAC authentication to add more network access convenience for mobile device users.
Capable of authenticating with AD, LDAP or a RADIUS server, the NXC5200 can turn the management polices from device-centric to user-centric to prepare businesses and enterprises for future trends. IT administrators can set access and data-forwarding policies according to group and user, allowing the same person to get the same access privilege, whether it is on a laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone.
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