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Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

National Cyber Security Centre sets out five basic security controls to protect organisations against around 80% of common cyber-attacks. Cyber Essentials Services are available nationwide through our fully staffed offices in Cork, Dublin & Sligo. Contact us Today to Start your Assessment & Certification process. 

Cyber Essentials


Most cyber attacks are untargeted and use commodity tools to attack large amounts of devices, services and users at the same time in an indiscriminate way. Most cyber attacks are made up of repeated stages that are probing for further information or leads that can lead to a more targeted attack. These untargeted attacks exploit basic weaknesses that can be found in many organisations such as poorly configured firewalls, software that hasn’t been patched and legacy computer systems that are no longer supported.
Cyber Essentials will help an organisation defend against this type of attack. The process of putting in place the five core controls will eliminate all the common security gaps that up to 90% of cyber attacks rely on.


Cyber Essentials Plus is the highest level of certification offered under the Cyber Essentials scheme. It is a more rigorous test of your organisation’s cyber security systems where our cyber security experts carry out vulnerability tests to make sure that your organisation is protected against basic hacking and phishing attacks.

Our Cyber Essentials Services Include:

  • Guided from Start to Certification
  • Assessments of your current IT Security against the Cyber Essentials Standard
  • Audit & Gap Analyses between you and the Standard
  • Implementation of Controls to meet the Cyber Essentials Standard
  • Assist with Cyber Essentials Certification
  • Ongoing Management & Compliance of Cyber Essentials Standard
  • Progression & Transition to IASME Governance 


It has been shown the vast majority of cyber-attacks are very basic in nature and carried out by relatively unskilled individuals. With the large amount of threats these days, companies need to be taken their security responsibilities very seriously. Protecting customers and users’ information and maintaining their computer systems safe from malicious threats is paramount. As has been seen from media reports in recent years, these threats are becoming more prevalent, and so it is important to remain vigilant in the face of these. 



Benefits Include :

  • Reduce Cyber Risk – Protect your Organisation 
  • Prevent 80% of Cyber Attacks 
  • Enhanced IT Security Posture of your Organisation 
  • Demonstrate Supply Chain commitment to cyber security to your Customers & Clients 
  • Competitive Advantage, Win New Business with your boosted IT Security Reputation 
  • Reduce Cyber insurance premiums 
  • GDPR Security assurance to help protect data 
  • Bid for government contracts which involve handling sensitive and personal information
  • Strong Foundation for any Cyber Security Program & steppingstone for IASME Governance Standard
  • Be Listed on our Directory of organisations awarded Cyber Essentials 
  • Attract new business with the assurance that you have cyber security measures in place
  • Meet National Cyber Security Centre Requirements


Cyber Essentials helps organisations effectively establish the five core controls that have been shown to prevent most cyber attacks.

Firewalls & Internet Gateways 

  • Create a security filter between the internet and your network and on your device.

Secure Configuration

  • Set up your computer securely to minimize the ways a cyber criminal can find a way in.
    Learn how to create unique strong passwords and enable two factor authentication if available.

Access Control

  • Control who uses your computer and what they’re allowed to do when they’re using it.
    Learn the difference between an administrator account and a regular user account.

Malware Protection

  • Identify and immobilise viruses or other malicious software before it has a chance to cause harm.

Patch Management

  • Prevent cyber criminals using the mistakes they find in software as a way to get into your system.

Cyber Essentials Plus – Technical Audit

Cyber Essentials Plus still has the Cyber Essentials simplicity of approach, and the protections you need to put in place are the same, but this time an assessor will carry out a technical audit of your systems to verify the Cyber Essentials controls are in place.
This higher level of assurance involves completing the online assessment followed by a technical audit of the systems that are in-scope for Cyber Essentials. This includes a representative set of user devices, all internet gateways and all servers with services accessible to unauthenticated internet users. Your assessor will test a suitable random sample of these systems (typically around 10 per cent) and then make a decision whether further testing is required.
You will need to complete your Cyber Essentials PLUS audit within 3 months of your last Cyber Essentials basic certification. Alternatively, you can complete the online assessment as part of the Cyber Essentials PLUS certification. The assessor will often have to visit your head office and a representative sample of your other offices in order to carry out the tests.
The cost of a Cyber Essentials PLUS assessment will depend on the size and complexity of your network.

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