Fujitsu PC-as-a-Service 

Hard-Working Devices Without The Hard Work

Give your workplace devices the as-a-service treatment and free yourself from the burden of managing PC deployments across your business.

Tell us about your people, then we’ll identify the right devices, roll them out, support them and refresh them after three years – recycling your old devices. All for one monthly payment.

Fujitsu PC as a Services (PCaaS) is hardware that’s less, well… hard to deal with.

Fujitsu SELECT Expert
Intel Core i7 vPRO

PCaaS is a solution to plenty of the challenges that business like yours face

Smart with your budget

With a monthly payment, move from CAPEX to OPEX. This includes devices & additional services, All priced per user.

Attract and keep new talent

The latest tech is a major draw. So, new devices that suit the role will appeal to great employees and candidates alike.

Meet needs of mobile workers

We can cater for your users who need to share devices, or access their desktops on the go from multiple devices.

Focus on valuable tasks

Fewer manual tasks as our team will take care of the whole process allowing more time for you and your team for strategic thinking

More sustainable business

You can ask us to take away and recycle your old devices. Recycling old technology preserves natural resources and helps to limit the amount of new resources that it requires to produce new Electronic items.

Keep Employees productive

With PCaaS, you will always have up-to-date tech that fits your needs and wants with reliable devices of different shapes and sizes. Add managed roll-outs and ongoing support, keep employees productivity up.


Stages of PCaaS


Tell us about your people. we’ll tell you which devices could be a good fit. Then, you pay for what you need on a per user, per month basis. Your employees might be task workers, knowledge workers, executives, designers or cloud users. Whoever they are, they’ll be able to do their best work on a Windows 10 desktop – either on-premise, or in the cloud using our virtual-desktop-as-a-service (vDaaS).


Before we deploy your devices, one of our dedicated service delivery managers will put them through their paces at our technical integration centre. We start by building each device to your custom specifications. Then we test them, tag them and apply the BIOS settings. Finally, we store each asset safely before sending it out to your chosen site.


Your devices arrive under the wing of a Fujitsu engineer, who does all the hard work, so you don’t have to lift a finger. You can expect our team to: install your new devices at your users’ desks; check security processes; connect to the network and printers; and pack up your old devices and remove them from the desks. They sort out OS support issues and log any issues with your IT department as well. And, if you want them to take your old devices away and recycle them, they can add this service on too.

In-life Support

You can rest assured that our hard work doesn’t stop there. Once you’re all set up, we’ll provide you with the tools to manage and track your assets throughout their life. What’s more, our UK support team will be available at the drop of a hat should you have any issues, need to use your warranty, or add more devices to your estate.

Refreshing and Recycling

To make sure your employees always have the right tech to do their jobs, we’ll refresh all of your devices every three years. Your old ones will head back to us, where we’ll recycle them sustainably and wipe your data clean. Yes, we really do take care of every step.



Make the shift from CAPEX to OPEX – but that’s it.



Shift your budgets and get a cost-effective way to achieve zero-touch deployment. This doesn’t include extra in-life services.



Get the full range of our capabilities, including technical account management, reporting and in-life service delivery.

Start The Process Here 
Devices Basic Advanced Premium
Devices, deployment workshop, extended hardware support, asset management Yes Yes Yes
Pre-Deployment Basic Advanced Premium
Devices shipped to your site Yes Yes Yes
Staging at our UK technical integration centre, with rollout to your sites Yes Yes
Device configuration (imaging & BIOS settings) Yes Yes
Assets tagged Yes Yes
Assets added to asset management software Yes
Roll-Out Services Basic Advanced Premium
Service delivery manager Yes (planning) Yes (planning)
On-site installation and setup Yes Yes
System support for launch Yes
Issues logged with your IT team Yes
Floor walking service Optional
In-life Support Basic Advanced Premium
Incident management (9-5) >250 users Yes Yes
Technical account management (24/7) Yes
Devices Basic Advanced Premium
New devices after three years Yes Yes Yes
Sustainable asset return secure data wipe Yes Yes Yes

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