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You can make things difficult for attacker but using a firewall to block vulnerable ports and close exploitable bugs by keeping your software up to date but conventional wisdom says that once they physically have the computer all bets are off. what good is a firewall and a strong password when you can pull the hard drive out and access the files directly.


Attackers can copy your password files used to log into your computer, wireless network, email or any website that your browser remembers your password for. They can even use that information to access your companies network using Virtual Private Networks, Wi-Fi, Remote desktop or access sensitive company information like email not to mention files that might be stored locally, like company records or customer data. A policy of never bringing company computers or data out of the building are sensible measures but in practice can’t be enforced 100%. What if a salesman needs to make a presentation at a client’s site or engineer wants to work on a project at home. People travel and need access to their devices and their data as they do.-19

Fujitsu’s new laptops and tablets offer a range of impressive hardware and software based solutions to these problems. These devices prove the conventional wisdom wrong. It may be true for most computers that once an attacker physically has the device all bets are off, but with Fujitsu’s security options that are no longer true.

Authentication – Fujitsu Security

There are three ways to authenticate who are. Something you are; that’s your face, your fingerprint, your voice etc. Something you have; Back cards, Keys, smart cards etc. Something you know; Passwords, PIN codes, Your mother’s Maiden name etc. Most people are familiar with passwords but passwords are problematic, easy to remember passwords are often weak and easily guessed, an offline password cracker running on a conventional computer can try 7-50 passwords a second, so any commonly used word will be guessed within minutes. Stronger passwords can be difficult to remember and so are often written down on scrapes of paper and sent in emails and they can be difficult to manage for the administrator. As well as that any single form of authentication is going to be vulnerable which is why two-factor authentication is becoming more popular eg. Your can uses a Card and a PIN. Fujitsu laptops offer built-in fingerprint scanners with can be used instead of, or in conjunction with passwords and are more convenient. Fujitsu also offers smart cards that require a PIN code, creating two factors of authentication.


Fujitsu can mitigate a potential loss or theft. If Computrace One and Anti Theft Protection (ATP) are installed, after failing to log in for a period of time, or after contacting the Absolute Monitoring Centre your device can be locked down, turn off, even securely erase sensitive data or the entire disk, they can even use G.P.S. and nearby wireless hotspots to locate the laptop, in fact using this technology and working this the Authorities they have a 75% recovery rate. Even if the attacker is clever enough to uninstall the software or even reinstall windows, the BIOS stores a copy of the software and can reinstall to onto the OS.

Fujitsu Zero Client

A new trend that is emerging as networking and internet speeds increase is cloud computing and remote desktops. Instead of using the data and applications locally on your computer you can connect your Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor to a remote machine that could be hosted securely at your companies site. In this way, you can access and work on secure data without storing it on your device or it ever leaving the building. This option requires a solid internet connection and might not be suitable for everyone but it does off an extremely secure option. From a security point of view once the connection is broken the laptop is all most disposable, it contains no sensitive data, all the data is stored remotely.

Security in depth is the principle that your security measures should be layers like an onion. You shouldn’t expect any layer to be perfect, you should be prepared for it to fail. Two-factor authentication used with PIN enabled smart cards or passwords using in conjunction with fingerprints protects against one form like a password falling into the wrong hands. Firewalls protect against attackers from the outside but whole disk encryption protects your computer when attackers have physical access to the device and Computrace One and ATP further protects against a device falling into the wrong hands. Used with firewalls, antivirus, updated software and a good security policy Fujitsu’s whole disk encryption, Advanced theft protection and zero client provides very impressive security.



We can provide knowledgeable insight to ensure successful implementation utilising Fujitsu Solutions.

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Hardware can be just as important for security as Software make sure you’re fully protected with Fujitsu’s security.

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