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Any Device, Any Screen, Any Browser

At DEITG, we aim to be “best-in-class” in all aspects of our business and designing your website is no different. We achieve this by incorporating traditional human-computer interaction design and extend it by addressing all aspects of your website as perceived by your potential clients. We take great pride in enhancing user satisfaction by improving usability, accessibility and enjoyment provided in the interaction with your website.


Our digital designers strive towards giving your customers the highest possible User Experience to ensure the best possible impression of your business. We also go that one step further by directing new users towards a particular goal that your company may have. Perhaps you would like your website to get as many people as possible to contact you, then we would achieve this by intelligent placement of calls to action that naturally fit in the with the flow of your site.


Any Device

It will not matter which device browses your website. Users can browse your website on their iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Smart TV, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop computer with any size monitor. Each and every website we develop is optimised for all screen sizes and accessible from anywhere in the world. Using the best web technologies we automatically resize, hide, shrink or enlarge elements so that every user can easily view the content on your website making your information accessible to everyone.

Optimised for Mobile

While most users now browse the internet via a mobile device we take the time to future proof your site so that it displays well on large devices such as smart TV’s or large computer monitors. Each of our websites are 100% responsive ensuring that they automatically look great on all mobiles and large screen TV’s. Responsive design is not all about making something look good though. You can read more about our speed and performance adjustments for mobile devices on our web development page.

User-centered Design

What is it ?

User-centered Design is a framework of processes in which usability goals, user characteristics, environment, tasks of a product or service are given extensive attention to each stage of the design process. UCD can be characterised as a multi-stage problem-solving process that not only requires our engineers to analyse and envision the way users are likely to consume a product but also to validate their assumptions with regard to the user behaviour in the real world tests.

Designed Around You

We understand that your website will be for your customers, and your customers will be in the centre of your website design. The end product will be optimised around how users can, want or need to use the product rather than forcing them to change their behaviour to accommodate your website.

Digital Transformation

A good website generates leads and makes sales for you while you sleep. Having an online presence these days is imperative to the growth of your business. Your new website design will be tailored made to you and your business ensuring that the world can see your products or services in the way that they are meant to be seen.

We can design a new logo for you and style your website around it and this logo can also be used on your social media and anywhere else you would like. Your new logo will look great on every social media platform. When users visit your website through their chosen platform they will be greeted by a website that is the same style as the logo they’ve seen on social media. This ensures a consistent image for your business creating strong brand awareness generating more leads and more visitors to your website.

Privacy by Design


Any action that a company undertakes that involves processing personal data must be done with data protection and privacy in mind at every step. This includes websites, applications and any internal projects, product development and much more. This means that privacy should be built into the website from the beginning and maintained for the entire website life cycle.

Data Protection and Compliance

At DEITG we take personal data very seriously and ensure that all of our websites will collect, process and store data securely. We also make use of data minimisation and request explicit consent when your website requests any personal information from users. You can see an example of this on anyone of our contact forms, or you can experience it for yourself by making an enquiry. Feel free to read more in our development section about how we protect your customer’s data and how we design your website to be GDPR compliant.


Digital Strategy

Our Websites are engineered to Perform – Generate Leads & Revenue.

Website Development

The Best Content Management System in the web development world.

PPC Advertising

Proven and Effective Online Advertising Campaigns.

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