Fujitsu On-demand, PPU and SaaS offerings

Our Market is Changing

“The industry is getting closer to the point when cloud deployments will account for the majority of spending on IT infrastructure, which will be a major milestone embracing the benefits of service-centric IT.”

Natalya Yezkhova, Research Director, IDC

Fujitsu SELECT Expert
Intel Core i7 vPRO

Service providers are changing with the Market

Fujitsu Helps on this Journey 

We De-Risk With Excellent: 

  • Infrastructure
  • Software
  • Services

Plus innovative cloud-like sourcing models

We co-create with:

  • Ecosystem of partners to drive micro-alliances to thrive in the “frenemy economy” 
  • Superior design
  • Collaborative approach

De-Risking the Journey

De-Risking the Journey

Capacity Risk

Capacity Risk through market swings/customer consumption

Lock-in Risk

Lock-in Risk because technology changes

Cost Risk

Cost Risk through change in of competitive landscapes

Downtime Risk

Downtime Risk planned/un-planned leading to service failureand customer penalties

Slow & costly Migration

Slow & costly Migration through costly overlaps  and skill shortage

Slow time to bill

Slow time to bill through high complex integrations  and IT Silos

Our Ecosystem Approach and Offerings 

Connect & Create Markets 

  • Cross Industry/ Cross Border
  • Covering full Value Chain
  • Complementary / “Frenemy” Approach
  • Facilitating direct co-operation


  • Fujitsu Nutanix-aaS
  • Fujitsu Bare Metal-aaS / X-aaS
  • uSCALE Consumption (PPU)
  • Storage – aaS

Bare Metal-as-a-Service

Bare Metal-as-a-Service Delivers the latest Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers in a flexible and dynamic consumption model. It offers control, cost savings and security dedicated co-location infrastructure along with the speed advantages of the cloud

  • Reduce time to Resolution
  • Pay as you Grow
  • No infrastructure and data centre worries
  • Fast ramp-up and expansion

Configuration Highlights

  • Minimum of 3 nodes for a new cluster
  • Minimum of 1 node for an existing cluster
  • Converts to month-to-month after term
  • Different node configurations available

Bare Metal-aaS

Bare Metal-aaS


CapEx or Lease finance


NX-aaS & X-aaS






Give your customers a first class, cost effective cloud service Fujitsu Nutanix-as-a-service is a simple consumption model that allows you to bring pay-as-you-go cloud economics to any enterprise cloud.

Less Complexity, More Control

  • Deploy new nodes in as little as 3 hours ​
  • Scale up with endless number of systems and unlimited storage ​
  • Mitigate risk with built-in resiliency
  • Reduce Storage Costs ​

With Nutanix-as-a-Service, you get the flexibility you need without the up-front investment. You save by paying monthly with no up-front capital costs, compared to a traditional CapEx purchase operated on-premise.

  • Deliver private cloud solutions
  • Controlled and predictable costs
  • Fast ramp-up and expansion
CapEx  NX-aaS & X-aaS Fujitsu uSCALE PPU
Location of equipment: On-Premise Co-Located On-Premise

Lease backed?(eg. on/off balance sheet)

Yes- On Balance Sheet No- delivered as-a-service No- delivered as-a-service
Consumption flexibility: None Medium Full

Enterprise Infrastructure on a flexible consumption basis

Fujitsu uSCALE gives you a modern, on-premise infrastructure based consumption model, with no upfront cost. It scales up and down as the market or your business requires. You can have as many or as few service components as you need with a true pay-per-use model. It’s measurable, flexible and transparent in cost, giving you access to the latest high-end technology.

  • Pure Consumption Service
  • Simple, Predictable Costs
  • Scale on Demand

With Fujitsu uSCALE, your billing amounts will vary as your core usage increases or decreases. Our tiered discount structure means that the more you use, the less you’re charged per unit.

  • Determine the configuration(s) – standard process
  • Agree Forecast usage (initial size, growth over term)​​
  • Discounts applied the more you use
  • Additional capacity supplied as required


uScale PPU

Nutanix & Bare Metal aaS from Fujitsu

Nutanix-aaS from Fujitsu

  • Choose Bare Metal configurations
  • Choose your datacentre
  • Sell full appliance
  • Recognise the sale of the Nutanix appliance in full
  • Controlled & Predictable Costs

Bare Metal–aaS from Fujitsu

  • Choose Bare Metal configurations
  • Choose your datacentre
  • Sell full appliance
  • Recognise the sale of the Nutanix appliance in full
  • Fast Ramp-up and expansion

Storage as-a-Service

Storage aaS

Simple, pay per use, on-premises infrastructure

Consume your IT outcomes and pay for only what you use

  • No standing monthly charge
  • Discount structure means that the more you use, the less you pay
  • Rate based on projected usage of the term

How it works?

  • Initial sizing workshop
  • Infrastructure installed
  • Utilise the appliance as normal
  • Usage reported weekly
  • Additional capacity provided as needed
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