Managed Cybersecurity

Cyber Risk is Business Risk.

At DEITG we take a Risk based Approach to IT Security


Our Managed Security Programme is designed to improve the Cybersecurity posture of the company, Based on Cyber Essentials & Industry Best Practice, the UK government-backed cyber security certification scheme that sets out a good baseline of cyber security for all organisations. The scheme addresses five key controls that, when implemented correctly, can prevent around 80% of cyber-attacks. Once completed our Managed Security SLA will ensure ongoing standards and compliance are maintained and improved.


  • Demonstrated Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) for our Customers
  • Manage, Reduce & Prioritise Risk
  • Fast & Secure Employee Onboard/Offboarding

  • Insurance Compliance

  • Industry Compliance

  • Tendering Advantage

  • GDPR Compliance

  • Responsible Governance

  • Verified Compliance Standard

  • Its just good Managment!


This Involves Implementing Hardened Security Configurations on all Core Technologies. Governing IT Polices & Procedure to Maintain the Standards Ongoing Cybersecurity Training for all Employees

  • Audit & Assessment of all Technology Assets

  • Compile Risk Register

  • Compile Technology Register for Devices, Application, Information, Users, Network

  • Create IT Governance Policy – How the Company handles Cybersecurity & Risk

  • Create Employee ICT Handbook – Employees and their responsibilities when using company technology assets.

  • Implement User Cybersecurity Training Documents for All Users, integrate to on boarding process.


Implement Cyber Essentials 6 Technical Controls on All Computers:

  • Scope, Boundary, Configuration, Access Control, Application Control, Endpoint Protection

  • Secure Configuration of all Information Assets: Devices, Applications, Networks, Users, DATA


IT Maintenance

Our proactive maintenance will mitigate unexpected downtime and interruption.

IT Monitoring

We escalate and resolve anything that could cause disruption fast.

IT Security

A fully managed IT security service  deigned up to industry standards.

Our Locations

DEITG provides nationwide IT services through three fully staffed offices in Cork, Dublin and Sligo.

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