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Understand Our Values, Mission and Vision.


The Best in Class IT Solution Provider to SME’s in Ireland.


Scalability by way of IT Optimisation & IT Efficiency to enable client to do more business without the equivalent need for more IT resources.




Remain competent, Reliable, Responsible and Respectful with People, Technology, Clients and Careers.


Continuously improve our ability to reduce risk, withstand & recover quickly from difficult conditions. As a person, as an Organisation and assist clients with same.


We focus on the absolute necessary and extremely important; for ourselves, our company and our clients. We don’t Innovate for Innovation Sake, and we done do/sell what is not required.


Remain consistent and engaged to the Vision, Mission, Values, Company, Clients, our Careers. Committed to understanding and learning new technology.


Stay ahead of emerging technology, aggressively evaluate but we avoid jumping on the new technology bandwagon, instead pioneer the application of carefully selected technologies, making bold, farsighted investments to turbocharge our business and our clients.


Life, Business & IT is complex. Keep IT Simple – No over-engineering i.e. Gall’s Law – all complex systems that work, evolved from simpler systems that worked. If you want to build a complex system that works, build a simpler system first, and then improve it over time.


We avoid wasting time, energy, effort and money, in doing something or in producing a desired result that does not deliver value. We focus on quality and the ability to do things well.

Our Locations

DEITG provides nationwide IT services through three fully staffed offices in Cork, Dublin and Sligo.

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Cork Office

Tel: +353 21 2429417​

Office 4D,
Northpoint House​,
Northpoint Business Park​,
Mallow Road, Cork,​
Ireland. T23 AT2P​

Dublin Office

Tel: +353 1 6853579​

Unit 79,
Cookstown Industrial Estate,
Tallaght, Dublin, ​
Ireland. D24 H317​

Sligo Office

Tel: +353 71 9300180​

Innovation Centre​,
Ash Lane,​
Co Sligo,​
Ireland. F91 WFW9.