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Having the ability to update your website should be expected with today’s standards. At DEITG, we use the best Content Management System in the web development world. WordPress!


WordPress has exploded onto the web development scene and now runs over 33% of the world’s top 10 million websites. It is by far the most popular CMS in existence today owning almost 60% of the market share. From small personal blogs to massive e-commerce sites with over 100 web pages WordPress will not let you down. If you already have a WordPress website and are happy with it, check out our Web Managed Services, Digital Marketing or Contact Us to see what else we can do to get the most out of your site.


We pride ourselves in being the “best-in-class” in all aspects of our business and our Gold IASME Status as a certified company represents this.

All of our websites will have an SSL certificate by default. An SSL certificate is what tells the browser that your website is safe. Any data entered on your website will be encrypted so if the data was intercepted then no breach would occur. Keeping yours and your customer’s data secure should be a top priority, you are more than welcome to set up an audit with us so we can help your business work in parallel with the guidelines set out by the GDPR.



The speed of your website is often the first impression you make and first impressions are vital on the web. A fast website shows that your business is professional and reliable. Google recommends a page load speed of 4 seconds. Slow websites have an incredibly large rate of people dropping out and checking out your competitors instead. Even worse, almost 80% of people would not return to a website that had a slow loading speed. At DEITG, we use premium technology and modern tools to ensure your website loads quickly so that your potential customers will be impressed before they even speak with you.


All of our websites use intelligent caching to reduce the load on the server. This includes page cache, browser cache and leveraging. We also minify HTML, CSS and JS which will enable the site to send data in much smaller size packets without any impact on the site design. On top of this, we also take advantage of GZIP compression to further reduce the webpage size and increase the loading speed for your customers.

Image Optimisation

Images can be large files. But not all of the data used in an image is useful. At DEITG we compress the image data and remove all the unnecessary data sets so you can display as much images as you like without slowing the site down or negatively impacting the website design. This compression is key to speeding up our websites, ensuring that your customers will not be frustrated with unnecessary load times.

Optimised for mobile

Since more and more people are accessing the website through mobile phones we incorporate further minification and optimisation in all of our responsive designs to ensure that your site will load just as quickly on a mobile phone. Since the trend of using mobile phones is set to continue, our developers are constantly researching and implementing new techniques to make websites load faster and look better on mobile devices.


Once your website is live we will continuously monitor and maintain your website. If the site is down for any reason we would be notified immediately. Our engineers personally check and manage every website monthly to check on security, performance and all functionality. We also make sure that every component of the website is running the latest software versions and can send detailed reports to each customer upon request. With such a thorough monitoring process it’s no surprise that so many of our customers also trust us to manage their Google AdWords to drive potential customers to their website!


The DEITG all-in-one package is the best website package that you’ll find. It includes purchase and registration of unlimited domains, the complete Google registration including Google Analytics, AdWords and Google My Business and getting your business on Google maps, responsive website design including high-end UX & of course, optimised for mobile, development of the entire website from start to finish and once completed, pushed live and well maintained. We will extend our premium security to cover your website which will include monitoring your website and keep it updated at all times. You can request at any time, a report of work done to date and most importantly, if you have any issues, with any aspect of the website we would be the only contact you need.



DEITG will register your domain with the relevant authorities, whether it is IEDR or Enom we have worked with them all and will make sure that your domain is correctly registered as to avoid disputes or hacking attempts. We will also register your business with Google which is an essential step in creating an online presence for your business so that you will show up on Google when people search for you. This will also enable us to set up your Google AdWords account to start driving traffic to your new website!


Whether you already have a design or would like us to design a site for you we will ensure that your website has a very high quality of UX for the end user. You can check out our Web Design page for more information.


Websites built by DEITG are secure and load quickly. When you are happy with your site we will push it live and troubleshoot any issues. Depending on your needs and the size of the site we can have a very quick turn around if the need arises. Contact us ASAP to get the ball rolling.


Websites require constant maintenance for optimum efficiency for security, performance and SEO purposes. We constantly keep our websites up to date and perform regular maintenance tasks including 24/7 monitoring to ensure top security, speed and performance to keep your website on top of Google!


Want to add something new to the website or change your mind after the site goes live? No problem, check out our SLA or Break-Fix contracts that we can tailor to your need.


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