Email Signatures 

Professional & Targeted Email Signatures

Add integrity and consistency to a business along with improving marketing and making it easier to manage the information the staff is sending to customers.


Email Signatures are the modern day business cards as it tells the client who they’re dealing with. Those E-mails contain critical business information like the location, contact number, website link and credentials like certificates and associations.

The signatures can be targeted so you know who receives the email, in what context and when they’ll receive it which provides opportunity for segmentation and specialisation offering a method of targeting marketing messages more precisely.


Conforming to Brand Guidelines

One of the major benefits of the signature is that it takes out the worry that the email doesn’t follow the same branding structure as the ones previously sent. In an a professional environment hundredths if not thousands of emails are being sent every day, you need policies and enforcement systems to ensure that the physical appearance of your email signatures complies with brand standards. All this can be made simple by having an automatic customised signature.


Continuous Display of the signature in the email can also be a very effective marketing technique and can be customised to department specific communications e.g. sales and customers, logistics and distributers etc.


Contact Details

Being clear and consistent with contact information is extremely important across the board. Everyone must provide the same contact details to each customer on every email with no mistakes. The chances of entering a number correctly 100% of the time when sending 100 emails is very slim. Having a premade signature allows a peace of mind that all details like contact numbers, Titles and locations are written correct.

Connecting via Social Media

Including your social media into the signature is a very good way to add traffic to the platform along with showing the customer a different side of the business by letting them connect with you.


Including a disclaimer

Adding a disclaimer may not be the most thrilling part of business or email, but the disclaimer is a matter of lawful and safe operation for many organizations

Managing signatures

We will Create, Edit and Deploy your signatures

Collecting customer insight

You can collect and measure real-time customer insights by using simple feedback buttons in an email signature. Each button is assigned a link to measure the level of customer satisfaction, from low to high. These links can then direct customers to separate landing pages where they have the option to add further comments

Campaign banners

A signature can be used to advertise any current offers without feeling forced on a customers. Advertising specific email are usually neglected by customers however customising a signature to promote an offer will make the customer like they discovered the offer themselves. Those offers can be scheduled based on time and context. E.g. Christmas


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